sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014


The earth is dying.
Dying of dissatisfaction / displeasure.
For trillions of years she prepared herself to receive her creator's face.
She wanted to see herself in his face, to see herself beautiful, to see him completely in love with her.
He loved her so much that he multiplied himself in billions of faces, only to contemplate her.
But the faces got lost in themselves.
The idyll lasted just a little while, the faces that came to meet the earth ended up falling in love with their own mystery and they forgot Mater.
The faces began to look only at what they did.
They treated her badly.
They stole her natural science.
They thought they were more intelligent than the one who gave them their intelligence.
More beautiful than the one who granted them their beauty.
After so long a time of forgetfulness of the fact that they came here to live on natural beauty, men, thus are called god's faces, forgot even themselves.
There remained only images outshining the source-mind that reflects it.
Thus we reached the maximum degree of desolation / devastation.
Apart from a few who by chance are already awaken, the earth is under the domain of a battalion of zombies.
There will be death, cry and screech of teeth.
Thank the earth for so much beauty that you didn't see.
Nor enjoyed it.
Do that for her.
You know, she deserves it.
Even if you still doubt it.
Nowadays, she only wants to die of displeasure.
But who knows, if some god's faces tell her that they still see her, even from here, from within this chaos of indifference, maybe, who knows, she affords us a smile once again.